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The Juicing Diaries

February 22, 2017 4 min read

The Juicing Diaries


"Give the body what it needs, and it will not betray you." 

Words to live by, right? I was thrilled to receive this little nugget of knowledge in my interview with holistic health coach (and CONCUR loyalist), Abi Sapoval. We met to discuss her experience with the CONCUR daily regimen, and I was blessed to leave with so much more. 

If you've never met her, get to the Bexley, OH location of Native Cold Pressed Juice ASAP. She's the beautiful brunette manager behind the counter eagerly awaiting to make you her next friend and tell you about her life's mission. That's right - her mission. This is what both she and CONCUR have in common - educating and providing about natural options to provide 

Along with managing the Bexley location of Native Cold Pressed Juice, Abi is also a blossoming entrepreneur. She's an independent holistic health coach, armed with amazing skincare products and a story unlike any other.  She openly tells this story to anyone who will listen, because it has built her a healthy body, and the courage to found her life and business on a natural approach to health. Read on to learn more about her, and to be inspired.


Katie Schacht (KS): What drove you to pursue a career in holistic health coaching? 

Abit Sapoval (AS): I became a holistic health coach because I want to help others and show them that being healthy doesn't have to be hard! My website, Vie Belle (which means "a wonderful life" in Italian), came about after my battle with dietary issues, Anorexia and Bulimia.  After a stressful young adulthood I started having terrible stomach pain; I literally stopped digesting my food. I sought treatment from all sorts of doctors and specialists, all of whom prescribed  me a different medication. After all the pills and all the doctors, I found myself over medicated...and over it. I took matters into my own hands and took myself off of all medication. I turned to juicing, and I only consumed food in its natural form. I would only eat raw foods, and I juiced for 3 meals/day. My theory was that if I  gave my body exactly what it needed, it would regulate itself and the pain would subside as a result. I was right! I finally experienced the relief all of those prescription drugs could not deliver.

KS: That's such a testament to natural living! Did you keep up with your new juicing lifestyle after you started feeling better?

AS: I tried my best, but soon after that I left home to go to college in Mount Vernon, Ohio.  I lived away from my support system, and even though I had never felt better, my mind started to run away with me.  As happens to a lot of young women, we may feel great but we see the number on the scale go up, and we translate that into un-healthy thoughts. For me, those turned into action and I suffered from both Anorexia and Bulimia.  It was during this dark time in my life that I met a new support system, my boyfriend, Ryan. He was the tough love I needed to take back control of my life. He forced me to talk about my issues and how I was feeling, and encouraged me to try my juicing/raw food diet again as a means to recovery. I did so, and it did work. I'm now completely healthy (body and mind) and under Ryan's loving and watchful eye to help be sure I stay in this healthy place.

KS: That's so amazing that you saw your natural lifestyle help you battle so much in your life! Congratulations on your recovery, and doing it yourself. Why do you think others don't turn to things like a natural lifestyle/juicing like you did?

AS: Because people think it's hard! People think it's going to be expensive and that doesn't have to be the case! I get a lot of my organic produce at Aldi! I want to translate healthy natural lifestyles into a language everyone can understand and help others who may not be living their most healthful life. 

KS: So what does a typical consultation with you look like? 

AS: I meet with my clients on a one-on-one basis and we talk about everything. We discuss diet, exercise, spirituality, and relationships. Health spans all areas of our lives and only by keeping them all on track can we live up to our potential. 

This is Abi's life's mission: "To help people see that being healthy isn't hard! People need to identify that the body just needs to be given what it needs, and nothing more." We at CONCUR agree.  

As soon as I met Abi I knew we had to work together to spread this message to the masses. She wanted to try the CONCUR regimen and it quickly became her obsession.  I asked her about her experience with the products as we wrapped up our time together:

KS: What did you think of the skincare line?

AS: I love the products! I feel like my skin has never been softer! I have a luminous glow to my skin that I never had when I used other products. I love the ingredients too! How amazing is it that there's only a handful and they give you such awesome results?! It just goes to show that if you give the body exactly what it needs, it shows you beautiful results. 

KS: We're so glad you love it like we do! What was your favorite product?

AS: The toning water! It felt like it was literally feeding and nourishing my skin. Plus, I actually felt it cleaning my pores. It's like an active clean that it gives and I couldn't get enough of it! I also love the face cream since it took care of the dry flaky patches on my skin like right away. 


Feel free to talk with Abi next time you're at Native Cold Pressed Juice, or find her on her website ( She'll no doubt be the most joyful girl you've ever met who can help you with your healthy lifestyle goals for the new year....and her skin will no doubt look amazing.


Since her recent engagement (Congrats!), Abi chooses to CONCUR for a lifetime of love.  Be sure to check out our pledge page and tell us what you CONCUR for #iconcurforlove.