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The Natural Life with Jennifer Tapiero

March 29, 2017 5 min read

The Natural Life with Jennifer Tapiero

We were mesmerized by actress/host Jennifer Tapiero's beauty and open spirit when we met her on our trip to the Oscars. Her story touched us so deeply that we were compelled to follow up to pick her brain recently about her lifestyle, her experience with our skincare line, and how she's taken her health into her own hands. As we say, everyone has a story to tell, and Jennifer's is truly inspiring. Our marketing leader, Katie, sat down with Jennifer to learn more about her life, her experience, and her Hollywood career. 


Katie Schacht (KS): We want to get to know you better! What sorts of projects are you working on right now?

Jennifer Tapiero (JT): I have a horror movie coming up soon with Mischa Barton that combines my acting and hosting skills so it's really challenging and exciting for me. I've also hosted my own internet radio show for 6 Years. "JENeration" is a show created for my generation. We discuss what's important to our peers, everything from charities, to companies we love, dating....we cover anything and everything. I'm currently re-branding the show and adding a male co-host soon, so I'm really excited about the change in energy that'll bring the show.

KS: That's so exciting! Congrats on the success! Are you originally from Los Angeles?

JT: No, I'm a Jersey girl! I grew up in Long Island actually. After I lost my father at 17 to a heart attack my uncle suggested I move out to LA with him. He had been in the entertainment industry for decades and he thought I had what it took, so I jumped at the chance, and here I am!

KS: Way to follow your passion, we love that! I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Did loosing your father at such a young age have a big impact on you?

JT: Certainly. "Bad hearts" run in my Moroccan family, and I lost my grandmother to brain cancer. The CONCUR story about cancer really drew me in as I obviously identify with that tremendous sense of loss, and I also took my health into my own hands after I endured these health crises in my family.

KS: We definitely can relate. For you, what did "taking health into your own hands" look like for you and your lifestyle?

JT: I've always been a product and beauty junkie, but I'm a product stickler. I'm unapologetically very picky with my products! After these sorts of tragedies happen to you, you educate yourself and take the steps you need to in order to decrease the chance that it happens to you. Now I bring all my own makeup and skincare to set with me. I refuse to share products with other people. I only want the best for my body and I don't just rely on others to make those decisions for me. I play an active role in my health now. I've always been one to eat organically, and make my own beauty products too.

KS: Isn't it so true that these terrible stories can impact you for a lifetime? I definitely can relate. Congrats on putting the work in to researching your products and making those conscience decisions!

JT: Yeah for me, it's just who I am now. I like my healthy lifestyle. I'm proud of it. I think young women today need to understand that it all plays a role in their overall health. The aluminum, the parabens, the toxic chemicals in their beauty products - they all are impacting their bodies. We need to encourage women to understand their ingredients and make conscience efforts to make the best choices possible. Millennials know about this stuff, but I don't think we're acting on it. Our knowledge isn't necessarily translating into action. People need to be fueled by their knowledge to make better choices. 

KS: We certainly agree, and we hope that your experience with our skincare regimen has given you another great option! What have you thought of it so far?

JT: I absolutely love it! I love the ingredients, the scent of everything, and the way it leaves my skin feeling. I was already using all natural products before I tried balm, and these are really distinguished among the fleet of "natural skincare" options. So many products say they're all natural, but you have to read and be sure you understand your product labels, because a lot of them aren't.

KS: We love that you love the regimen!  What are your favorite product(s)?

JT: I love the tonerso much because I was already in the habit of putting apple cider vinegar on my skin every day, but now the toner does it for me! It's super nourishing, and my skin looked brighter after just 1 use!

I also love the moisturizer. It's a really impressive product. The texture is amazing, it smells like almonds (which I love), and my skin has never felt so smooth and soft! A lot of natural moisturizers I've used are sticky, but this one isn't sticky whatsoever. All the products are so healthy, I felt like I could eat them!

KS: We're honored to be able to be counted as part of your healthy lifestyle!

JT: Yeah, that's just it. For me, this natural lifestyle is who I am. I'm unapologetic about it. I'm picky about everything that goes in and on my body, I like juicing and drinking turmeric lattes. I encourage everyone to hold themselves to this higher standard and understand that you and your body really do deserve that ultimate health. Give yourself more respect than slathering your skin in chemicals.

KS: You're so amazing. I just have one more question. Your hair is so beautiful. It's so full and long and gorgeous, I'm so jealous - what's your secret?!

JT: Thanks! I get asked this a lot. It's the Moroccan in me, but also, use an all natural shampoo and conditioner that isn't weighing you down with a bunch of chemicals, sleep on a silk pillowcase, and don't wash your hair very often. Sleep with it in a bun and your style can last you for days!

KS: Thanks so much for the tips and for taking the time to share your story with us. We will definitely be back in touch soon to continue our partnership.

JT: Thank you for such an inspiring story and for being an advocate for meaningful health.

To learn more about Jennifer Tapiero, visit her on Facebook or on Instagram.