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Why Moisturize?

January 01, 2019 3 min read

Why Moisturize?

"Love the skin you're in."

Commonly quoted to boost self-confidence and self-respect. It's also a skincare commandment in our book.

While we don't believe in a skin type, per se; we do believe in finding the right balancefor the skin you're in. As said best by our friends at Replenish Spa in Columbus, OH, "beauty is our birthright". We couldn't agree more! Yet, we are in a daily battle against environmental stressors that push our bodies, our skin and our microbiome out of balance. These are the culprits for dry, oily or sensitive skin and not just our genetic pre-disposition that makes us feel like there's nothing we can do to accomplish our derm-goals. Addressing the needs of our skin microbiomes properly will help any skin (regardless of "type", age, ethnicity or sex) to become the healthiest and most beautiful it can be, naturally.   

One key and easy trick is water. It is the most essential component to youthful skin. Loss of hydration is the reason we develop fine lines and wrinkles as we age, and water allows our bodies to maintain adequate moisture levels andbuffer the pH of the all important acid mantle that we've discussed in a previous blog post

Drinking water is the easy part, hopefully.  Finding healthy and clean face cream options with water in them is not.  The problem with water in products is that it typically requires preservatives and loads of chemicals to be shelf stable. So, any product containing water and boasting a long shelf life, beware. There will also be loads of harsh or damaging chemicals and emulsifiers that hinder the moisture-delivery system and prevent proper assimilation of nutrients. Not to mention, these preservatives have been found to linger a little too long in the body for our liking (ABC News, 2016). 

We found the current face cream options in the marketplace to be unacceptable. So, we developed a solution without ANY chemical synthetics or preservatives. After all, the best way to get something done correctly is to do it yourself, right? All this requires from our consumers is little more awareness around the product and some TLC with its care.

The CONCUR face cream has a cult following because of its smooth texture and ability to make a noticeable difference as soon as its used (our skin has never felt so soft). It is made to order in small batches to maximize product longevity and freshness. It does have a limited shelf life, but for good reason. Ever noticed that all of nature's best products expire? Yeah, it's like that. See below for what makes our face cream so heavenly. 


Face cream with rose tea:
  • Rose tea is brewed into the formulation to deliver hydration and vitamin C. 

  • Aloe Vera delivers moisture and helps to soothe dry or irritated skin. 

  • Sweet Almond oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil are emollients provide a protective barrier for the skin to prevent loss of hydration.

  • Consistent use balances skin’s oil production so it works well for those experiencing an imbalance that is causing dry or oily skin.

  • Use twice daily. More if dry skin persists.

We're different (thankfully). Here's what to expect:

  • The oils in this cream may feel heavy on the skin at first, but absorb quickly. This heaviness lessens overtime as the skin balances its natural oil production.

  • Because no additional fragrance is used, a slight cocoa or almond scent may be observed.