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Oh, Sweet Almond Oil!

December 26, 2017 4 min read

Oh, Sweet Almond Oil!



As this holiday season comes to an end, we hope everyone was able to give or receive the gift of wellness. To that end, it is certainly a gift to share about the wonderful attributes of almonds when it comes to skincare. Please indulge us while we dive in.



Almond oil comes in two different kinds: bitter and sweet. For healthy and glowing skin, we have found ourselves very accustomed to the sweeter side. From a multitude of minerals and proteins, to the fountain-of-youth effects it can have on our skin regime, our largest organ can take on some glowing wins in more ways than one. As a mild, hypoallergenic oil, it’s also safe for sensitive skin, including baby skin. 



Any natural ailment with powerful antioxidants is a favorite of ours. In its natural state, the almond plant naturally produces chemicals called phenols for protection from outside elements. Phenols not only protect the actual plant, but can be used to protect our skin, as well, by fighting off free radicals. Almond oil has always been a staple in our house for its many benefits. It’s been proven in multiple studies to provide a powerful punch when it’s used topically on the skin, and its antioxidant powers are the proof. A University study done in 2007 showcased sweet almond oil to have enough antioxidant powers to not only protect and prevent against UV damage, but also in hindering UV effects after the damage had already been done. 



Almond oil isn’t shy when it comes to protein, and it’s also a great teammate when it comes to being a strong advocate for the skin. Many think of protein primarily for a well-balanced diet to weight and overall nutrition, but forget it’s a powerful source for the skin health as well. Protein is the skin's “building block” and essential for healthy, glowing skin. Most nut oils can pack this kind of protein, but sweet almond oil gives us a whole package when it comes to skincare necessities.  



It's always key to look for ingredients that provide essential vitamins for more healthier skin, and sweet almond oil is one of them. Packed full of vitamin E, which is known as the “skin vitamin”, its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers can be a warrior for your skin health. Vitamin A helps aid in the overall healing of the skin and also reduces acne. These vitamins both also help to smooth, soften, and heal the skin, and we don’t know anyone that would say no to that. Both of these vitamins are crucial for skin rejuvenation, and have grown increasingly popular in DIY products for the skin. Vitamin E is self-preserving and known to keep a long lasting oil sans preservatives, which is always a favorite in our book. As always, be sure to go organic if possible.



One of the easier ways to get calcium is through our skin, surprisingly. It’s a great moisturizer, but great for other things as well. Almond oil is known for its light texture, which easily absorbs into the skin. Calcium will be the winning force here, as this mineral will promote cells to quickly absorb all the nutrients being added to any routine. Pro-tip: Before application, almond oil absorption is best when the oil is warmed to body temperature, so be sure to store things at room temperature. 



We wanted to save our favorite for last. Almond oil contains mighty magnesium, which is known to counter the effects of stress hormones. It is also known to help fight off acne by helping control the micro-biome of the skin by reducing bad bacteria and increasing healthy and essential bacteria. It even works to slow down the aging process. Magnesium is no longer just known for an oral supplement to fight off a magnesium deficiency, and in actuality, magnesium is more potent when it’s applied directly on the skin. It's a skincare win-win!




We scrutinize every ingredient that goes into our skincare down to the very source. Our sweet almond oil comes from one of the very origins of the almond in the Middle East to ensure optimized nutrient content. We can't share enough the importance of raw skincare for optimal skin health, but our balm Face Cream is an easy favorite for immediately softer and smoother skin. Our variation to our basic formula, the balm Face Cream with Rose Tea, is necessary for extra dry or mature skin. This wonderful option adds extra Vitamin C to hold on to and maintain hydration throughout the day. While we thank the properties of sweet almond oil for its transformative properties, you'll be the one thanking us for these amazing results!



We always think buffing grains have been flying WAY under the radar when it comes to a healthy skincare routine. Luckily, we have two options to get you started. If there is any interest in using one of the cleanest products out there to promote a more healthy and youthful looking skin, then checking out our buffing grains is priority! We have our basic formula, the balm Buffing Grains, and a second Buffing Grains with Seaweed that has additional sources of nutrients to enhance your skin regime. Regardless of skin type, both have the core ingredient of ground almond flour for gentle exfoliating powers that make the skin feel like silk. Cell turnover, with noticeably more soft and smooth skin -- YES PLEASE. 




Do-it-yourself projects are always a hit with family and friends, and even fun to do solo! With all the benefits we’ve already mentioned for almond oil, there are some fun options for almond flour as well. It's a great addition to the pantry and we’ll tell you why. It’s been used for centuries with Indian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cultures, and skincare is at the top of that list. Almond flour is a great nutritious addition to many food recipes, but it’s a nice addition to skin remedies and solutions as well. Uh hem, it's in our buffing grains for a reason! Try adding it to your next bath as a body scrub, and you’ll see (and feel) immediate results. If you want your skin feeling more soft and fully nourished, follow our lead.