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The Mighty Microbiome (An Intro)

December 16, 2018 2 min read

The Mighty Microbiome (An Intro)

What do you know about your skin?  Like really know about it?  Obviously, you know that it provides your body with a physical barrier, a first-line-of-defense against disease-causing organisms, toxic substances and all the other dangers of the outside world. But, did you also know that the protective power of the largest organ of your body goes way beyond the physical protection of all your other organs.


A Protective Barrier With Benefits

In addition to the role of protective barrier, your skin provides housing to a diverse habitat of harmless and beneficial microorganisms that work in harmony with your biology to help keep you healthy from the outside in.  These microorganisms, or “microbiota”, together with your skin cells, is called a “microbiome”. Kept balanced and thriving through conscious care, the microbiome is one of your most powerful allies in your pursuit of radiant good health.  

Just how mighty is the microbiome? Check out these impressive facts:

  • BYE-BYE ACNE: Blemish-prone skin has been scientifically proven to have a less-diverse microbiota, having been overwhelmed by bad microorganisms and damaging irritants.  The more diverse and robust the good microorganisms, the more radiant and blemish-free the skin (hormonal and other health-related issues aside).
  • POWERHOUSE IMMUNITY: A healthy microbiome is crucial for maintaining optimal function of your immune, hormonal and metabolic systems.
  • REACH HEALER STATUS: The microbiota inhabiting your skin sends signals to your immune system, educating it, and fine-tuning its response.  A robust skin immune response is crucial in healing wounds and knocking out infections. It also regulates the harmless and beneficial microbiota that colonize the skin.
  • LIVE-IN BODYGUARD: A healthy microbiome not only aids in wound healing, but limits allergen and UV radiation exposure, mitigates oxidative damage (which causes age spots and wrinkles) and helps keep the skin barrier hydrated and blemish-free.
  • YOUR OWN GATEKEEPER: Although it’s constantly exposed to a mind-boggling number of microorganisms (trillions, making up to 1 to 3 percent of the body’s mass), the skin can differentiate between harmless/beneficial microorganisms and harmful disease-causing ones.  (So smart!)
  • CAN'T SIT HERE: A thriving microbiome crowds out overgrowth of disease-causing organisms.

We ADORE The Microbiome.  You Should, Too.

We've just scratched the surface of our infatuation with the sheer awesomeness of the skin microbiome. It is one of the reasons we’ve dedicated ourselves to formulating conscious skincare products that tap into this powerhouse. All of these benefits are housed in our Microbiome Recovery System. Go ahead and try it. We think you'll CONCUR!